Weather Warranty

Some of the best days of summer start off with a questionable weather forecast. When it’s cloudy, crowds are at a minimum, the lines are short and there is even a chance you might get wet. What a great day to visit Roseland Waterpark!

While we don’t offer a refund for ticket purchases, we do make your visit risk free by assuring you that if we suspend operations due to lightning in the area for more than 90 minutes, you will receive either a BOGO or complimentary ticket to come back at a later date.

Here is what you need to know. In the event that the waterpark fully suspends operations on all rides for a total of 90 minutes or more, Bogo tickets will be issued to all guests who have been at the park for 4 hours or more and complimentary tickets will be given to guests who have been in the park under 4 hours.

Everyone in your party needs to have their proof of admission that day, either a ticket stub or receipt. All members of your party must be present with their proof of admission and all belongings, as receiving the return visit ticket will forfeit the rest of your day’s visit.

Our weather alert system is for your safety, while our weather warranty will guarantee your satisfaction.

Season Pass holders who may visit on any operating day are not eligible for a return ticket. Once rides reopen, return tickets will no longer be issued.