Welcome to Roseland Rocks, an initiative designed to spread moments of unexpected joy one rock at a time!

Our dedicated staff are passionate painters and master hiders, take some time while your visiting the park to look for their artwork.

Interested* in joining in the fun? The mission is simple – paint a rock and submit the rock to admissions to be hidden in the park. Our team will hide your rocks in various locations around Roseland Waterpark. Paint, chalk, crayons, or sharpies can be used to create vibrant designs, and feel free to incorporate stamping or stickers for added creativity. Remember to protect your artwork and the rock by using a clear spray paint that effectively seals and protects. Check our events page to learn about painting in the park events.

To share the excitement, post pictures of your painted rocks using the hashtag #RoselandRocks and tagging our Instagram page @roselandrocks, and if you find a rock, snap a photo and share it with the same hashtag. We’ll eagerly showcase the images we come across here.